The Feminist who Dresses Like a 50's House Wife

Cara with an Ann thrown in after.
I greatly enjoy writing, reading too far into the night, my guitar, the dirt under peoples finger nails, various things to do with facts, knitting, not failing college at UNC-Chapel Hill and Cult Television shows. I probably will be your friend.


Italian artist Alessandro Gallo (featured in HF Vol. 24) presents a disorienting series of sculptures for his upcoming solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, “Strani Incontri.” The show’s title translates to “strange encounters,” which is an apt summary of the experience of coming upon one of Gallo’s large-scale clay figures. Expertly reproducing human and animal anatomy, Gallo blends the two to create convincing hybrids of man and beast. The works produce an almost eerie sense of unheimliche, as Freud put it: when the familiar becomes uncomfortably strange.

“Strani Incontri” opens at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City on September 6 and will be on view through October 4. 

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